Sturdy and secure, the BAHAY KUBO 2050 stands quietly determined to shelter its indwellers and provide them with a purposeful space for living. It is the modern futuristic version of the humble Bahay Kubo – the epitome of the Filipino abode. It embodies its basic design principles – sustainable, energy efficient, multifunctional, and resilient – tailor fit for the tropics, and a true icon of pagiging makabayan.

Its sustainable and cost-efficient materials support the Filipino value of pagiging matipid. Its energy-efficient structure allows natural light to pass through and for air to freely circulate allowing ample ventilation across rooms and spaces. Its compact and multifunctional spaces transform according to need. It is a design that fuses two filipino traits – matalino at maganda. Yet the design is simplified for faster construction, thus completed nang maliksi but with the safety of its users at its utmost concern, kaya maalaga.  Lastly, its structure exudes the strength of the Filipino spirit, matatag, which can overcome the toughest times. Its wing-like roof glides through fierce winds and its deeply embedded columns can withstand high-magnitude quakes.

Its black and white design portrays a simple yet elegant presence which aims to draw appreciation not to itself but to the precious human souls who dwell therein. It represents a background like a blank canvas where the subject is the closely-knit Filipino family – the home owners – whose daily life is the centerpiece of the design: that the entire structure, without them, would not be complete.

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